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The Happytime Murders 2018 Full HD Movie Watch Online Now

The Happytime Murders 2018 Full HD Movie Watch Online Now. Watch The Happytime Murders came out in wide release on Aug. 24, and the raunchy comedy is critically panned. Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson argues the film “may be the worst movie of the year.” Ouch! But some may love the raunchiness of the puppet comedy, and Melissa McCarthy is a beloved comedic actress.

The Happytime Murders 2018

The Happytime Murders

The Happytime Murders disappointed at the box office in its opening weekend, coming in third place. Brian Henson (son of the legendary Jim Henson) finally got a chance to make his passion project after years in development. Unfortunately, the results aren’t what he hoped for – seeing that the film was ravaged by critics. An R-rated spin on the classic Henson Company formula had the potential to be a creative and raunchy comedy, but the film tried to skate by on shock value alone without investing much in the actual story.

“The Happytime Murders” is a movie unlike any other. Henson puppets yeah! But beware…. don’t take the kids. Two words; porno puppetry. Third word? R Rated. With that said, you’ll laugh out loud, sometimes cringingly so, throughout this funny, raunchy abrasive comedy with a sweet center, that being the unique puppet and human cop duo that only Melissa McCarthy can pull off.

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At present time, Edwards believes it was a robbery gone wrong, but Phil notes that it was just murder because the assailant didn’t take anything. That night, Larry Shenanigans, former Happytime cast-member and Phil’s brother, is torn apart when someone lets a group of dogs into his house. Enraged, Philips reluctantly teams up with Edwards at the request of Lt. Banning to find the killer.

Phil hides out at Edwards’ apartment, and the two discover that another former Happytime Gang member, Goofer, now a homeless sugar addict, has been found dead under a pier after supposedly overdosing and falling over into the ocean. The two head out of town to find the two remaining Happytime Gang members, Ezra and Cara, also known as the Kissing Cousins. Phil and Edwards head to their house and come across Ezra and Cara’s mangled bodies inside. The killer gets away, and the FBI shows up with other agents to arrest Phil and Edwards.


Edwards realizes that Sandra is Jasper’s daughter, and she has been planning revenge against Phil for her father’s death. Bubbles sees a tape recorder and presses the play button, which ignites a fire that destroys all the evidence against Sandra. Edwards goes to tell Phil what she’s learned, and she breaks Phil out of jail to stop Sandra.